Practical and goal-oriented

Focus areas are: employment conditions, employment contracts, incapacity for work and illness, reorganization and restructuring, dismissal law and termination of employment contracts, collective agreement law, transfer of undertaking, co-determination law and pensions. Together with the client, we aim for practical legal solutions and work in a goal-oriented manner.

We advise, negotiate and litigate. The client's interest is central. The law firm is also specialized in mediation in the field of work and labour, employment issues within organizations and various problems in the cooperation. Alexandra Hock is a registered mediator affiliated with the Mediatorsfederatie Nederland (MfN).

Target group and experience

We work for large (inter) national companies, small and medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations. Senior management (managers and directors), professionals, the self-employed, private individuals and works councils are also finding their way to Dammers Hock Advocaten. In addition, we provide start-ups companies legal advice.

Dammers Hock Advocaten has acquired specific knowledge and experience in the following sectors: ICT, Energy, Oil and Gas industry, Chemicals, Retail, Fashion and Retail, Transport and logistics, Construction and installation companies, Technical employment agencies, Education and Health care.

Our focus areas

  • Working conditions, employment contracts
  • Illness and sickness
  • Reorganization, restructuring
  • Termination of employment
  • Collective labour agreement
  • Transfer of undertaking
  • Co-determination law
  • Pensions

We have experience in the sectors

  • ICT
  • Energy
  • Oil, gas and chemical industry
  • Construction and installation companies
  • Retail trade companies
  • Fashion and retail
  • Transport and logistics
  • Education and health care


Labor Law Plus® is the global labor and employment law division of Transatlantic Law International, a leading innovative legal and business solution provider for companies and investors seeking a broad range of business law services, with more than 4,500 lawyers in over 95 countries worldwide. Our service harnesses the abilities of top counsel worldwide, providing an innovative fast effective and very cost efficient service everywhere you need to be – so you are never more than one call away from moving your agenda forward globally, regionally and locally – in labor and employment law and in  all other major disciplines important to your L&E strategy and your business.

Our labor and employment law solutions include both Global Labor Services including complete Global Mobility and Immigration solutions on a cross-border and regional basis supported by global and regional coordinators, and Country Labor Services with dedicated teams in each country being responsible to you every day as an extension of your own Legal and HR departments.

Remco Dammers

Remco Dammers is specialized in employment law. In addition to conventional employment cases involving senior management, such as dismissals of directors and officers, large-scale reorganizations, transfers of undertaking, disputes with shareholders and pension issues, he focuses on employee participation law. Here too, he is found on both sides of the table.


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Alexandra Hock

Alexandra Hock has been working as a specialized employment lawyer since 2001. Before that, Alexandra worked in international business for a number of years before making the switch to law firms. Alexandra is an experienced lawyer and successfully completed the post graduate study at the Grotius Academy. She also works as a registered mediator with regard to various labour issues.

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