Loss of vacation rights, also if the employee is incapacitated due to sickness

Recently, on 15 December 2021, the District Court of The Hague ruled on a sick employee who took the position that he was not reasonably able to take holidays as a result of his persistent incapacity for work. Now that the employer had not imposed any reintegration obligations, the employee felt that he should invoke […]

A Covid test at work, needs the employee to cooperate ?

We often hear Minister Mr. De Jonge, who deals with the Corona file, say: by testing the Corona virus can be detected in an early stage and prevents outbreak situations of the Corona virus. Testing for Corona has also become a topic of discussion in the working relationship between employer and employee and sometimes leads […]


In order to maintain employment as much as possible during the Corona crisis, companies are already making frequent use of the temporary Emergency Measure Employment Bridging (NOW scheme). More than 100,000 companies have now appealed to this scheme at the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) in the Netherlands. In principle, the temporary scheme applies until 31 […]

Termination of employment during sickness?

A recent decision of the High court of Justice Arnhem-Leeuwarden on 19 July 2019 shows that despite an sick employee, this does not have to stand in the way of termination of the employment contract. The court terminated the employment agreement without awarding an extra financial compensation, which was confirmed by the High court of […]